My New Year’s TV Resolutions

2015 is here, and everyone is making impossible resolutions: to exercise more, eat less crap, stop drinking, stop spending money on useless things... I like to keep it simple. My resolutions are achievable goals, like changing out of my pajamas on days where I'm not planning on leaving the house, just in case someone decides to come... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 Ships of 2014

I am a shipper, that is who I am. I think watching TV shows and not getting invested in the characters' relationships makes no sense. I believe every TV show is an exploration of the human experience, and the human experience includes falling in and out of love. When I am told I am watching wrong... Continue Reading →

Marathoning ‘The 100’

After 'The Walking Dead' betrayed me the way it did this season, I felt a post-apocalyptic show-shaped hole in my heart that needed to be filled with something. It was then, upon the cries of several friends who felt lonely in their timelines watching every Wednesday and claimed this show had well-rounded female characters that were used... Continue Reading →

The M.S.F.D. Virus

There is a virus that has been spreading around our television shows for the last few years. It appeared out of the necessity to keep audiences engaged and thrilled throughout the Christmas hiatus, but the problem is, it has become dangerous. It no longer infects the viewers and leaves them wanting more. Instead, it destroys the subjects... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons To #SaveSelfie

Back when the Pilot for 'Selfie' aired I didn't think I'd find myself campaigning for it to be saved. Not because I didn't think it would need saving-- people have been predicting its demise way before it started-- but because I watched it and didn't think it would be a show I would watch weekly,... Continue Reading →

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