‘Lovesick’, Remains Short And Sweet

With a new year comes a lot of new television and the return of some old favorites. Netflix chose this month to release “Lovesick”‘s season 3 in its entirety with very little promotion (in fact, I only found it had been renewed a few days before it premiered) but that should be fine for the fans of this quirky, small show, who are pretty used to it being a charming underground hit.

I binge-watched seasons 1 and 2 of this show in 2016, just as Netflix took over the production from a British channel, where it was awfully named “Scrotal Recall”. The name, however, makes sense when you understand the basic premise of the show: Dylan, our protagonist, discovers he has chlamydia and has to tell every girl he has ever slept with since college. This takes us back to all of his relationships and one-night stands, which we are told about through flashbacks. However, this journey takes Dylan into a path of emotional introspection, as he has to face why those relationships failed and question whether he will ever be able to stay happily in love with anyone.

Season 3 starts twelve weeks from where we left off and ever since, Dylan has made it through his full list of girls and is in a successful, loving relationship with a girl named Abigail. This time we flash back to a more recent past, being told about the twelve weeks that lead to the present.

What happens is the culmination of all arcs (in both seasons) for most characters in the show: Angus has to deal with the consequences of his divorce and new girlfriend’s pregnancy, as well as navigating the difficulties of a new relationship with someone he barely knows.  Luke, Dylan’s womanizer best friend, has been trying to ditch his old ways by going to therapy and self-reflecting and finds himself falling in love with Jonesy, a college friend who is basically a spit image of himself, personality-wise. However, while he may be ready for a real relationship, it may not the case for Jonesy and trying to define their relationship is the main focal point for him all season. Evie, Dylan’s other best friend and long-time unrequited – to his knowledge – love, is recovering from ditching her engagement in order to come to terms with the fact that she loves Dylan, however, when it finally seems things are right, she’s thrown an unexpected rock in the road just at the end (we do need to have more seasons of this show, hopefully).

This season took a risk, by (mostly) getting rid of the flashbacks of Dylan’s previous relationships and focusing on the character’s most recent past. It was one that paid off, because while we are very familiar with who these characters were, we get to spend more time with the people that they are and what happens to them matters to us (and whether you are happy or sad about what happens to them, or the choices they make, depends absolutely on how you feel about them too, which is why I don’t want to get too much into what I personally think). It also gave some extra time to three female characters, which we desperately needed, since it always felt like the male energy dominated this show. Abigail and Jonesy are two fantastic additions since last season and, while Holly doesn’t get that much screen time, she gets to voice some of my own opinions about Angus out loud, which is nice.

At this point you’re probably wondering: “But is it still funny?” Yes, it is delightfully funny. This show manages to balance the most poignant moments between the characters with fantastic comedy, which is why it is such a wonderful, light watch. If you have not watched every season, you could easily do so in two days, and it would feel, very, very short. But oh, it is just as sweet.

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