Three Weeks In: How Are Our Favorite Shows Doing?

Fall TV has been back for now three (four, for some and two for others) weeks, and it is time to look back at our favorite TV shows and check how are they doing? Let’s see what Doctor Who, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., iZombie and Sleepy Hollow have brought to the table in their new seasons

Doctor Who


Doctor Who is possibly in one of its best seasons since its revival. Peter Capaldi has completely made The Doctor his own, 100% Rebel Time Lord. The new two-parter format, reminiscent of the classic stories, allows the writers to set up more complicated adventures that wrap up beautifully at the end of the second episode. Missy’s return (and posterior disappearance) were brilliant, and the cast in ‘Under the Lake’ and ‘Before the Flood’, including a hearing-impaired character was amazing. I am also quite enjoying how the show is dealing with Clara and The Doctor’s codependency. Contrary to what the show did with the Tenth Doctor and Rose, this is not painted in a positive light. These two would bend the rules for each other, and it’s very clear that they both have gray areas when it comes to what the right thing is. Clara is not the companion to stop The Doctor from going too far anymore and he can see this. The thing is, he doesn’t know how to stop it because he needs her in his life, wholeheartedly. It’s a very dark path to take the characters in and I am enjoying it a lot. Of course, there is a huge sense of doom above them, but I give the show props for embracing it. Prepare for the heartbreak, my friends. The glory days of The Doctor and Clara are soon to be over.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Inhumans, inhumans, inhumans. Do you like them? If you don’t, it’s probably time to say goodbye to the show, because they’re going to be a very big part of the story. Generally, I am okay with it, as long as it does not take away from the character development. And so far, especially with last week’s episode, where (almost) the whole team came together in order to get Simmons back, it hasn’t. The new friendships between Bobbi and Fitz (she seems to have helped him with finding Simmons, while he has helped her with her rehabiliation) and Mack and Daisy are interesting and hopefully will develop more in the future. I was never invested in Lincoln, but this season has done a good job setting him up as a regular character, and I like this potential love story with Daisy just fine. She deserves a decent guy, after all.

Negatives? Ward. It’s no secret that I want him dead and I could not care about the Hydra’s rebirth or what it entails. Hunter and May make an unlikely (and fun!) team, especially if we take into account they didn’t like each other at all, but I cannot feel but have a sense of dread every time the word Hydra is mentioned.  Also, the ATCU. Even if they look like the bad guys, ultimately they  have  a lot of common ground with S.H.I.E.L.D. Now it’s time to know whether their new alliance doesn’t end with flying heads.



iZombie returned only last week and it did with the characters in very different places (especially Peyton, where are you girl?), but not with many changes in its formula. Liv eats a brain, gets a new personality every week, and solves the murder! Most of the major (pun intended) changes come with Major, still dealing with the consequences of his short-lived (see what I did there) zombie-ism and what they entail: he can sense other zombies. And who thinks that’s a wonderful power to have? Max Rager, the evil corporation full of zombie-making energy drinks. What do they want him for? To erase the evidence.

Honestly, I was never a fan of Major until the very end of season one, and I am having a hard time loving him this season, again. The whole ‘I’ll do anything to protect you’ thing is lovely, but shouldn’t he know lying has consequences, given the fact that Liv lying to him all through last season got him where he is? Now he is falling into getting high on Utopium too, because the secret is too much to bear. Just talk to someone already, Major. I’m bored.

Sleepy Hollow

It is no secret that I did not enjoy season 2 of Sleepy Hollow as much as I wanted to. It’s also no secret that my expectations for season 3 were very low, given the terrible promotion FOX and the new team of writers did on the show during the hiatus, and the firing of Orlando Jones followed by the casting of Nikki Reed. However, I am willing to admit the show has surprised me a lot. While the decision of getting rid of the Headless Man was a ballsy one, it brought us Pandora, a more interesting, more scary villain than we’ve seen in a long time. She holds, most definitely, most of the evils of the world. Casting Nikki Reed as Betsy Ross: spy edition, however, is still a wrong choice for the show. Sure, it’s great to see Ichabod having some action scenes in the past, but Nikki Reed struggles with the character, who is badass in paper, but not on screen.

The best part? Jenny is a full member of Team Witness and gets her fair amount of screentime. Joe Corbin is back (and is a possible love interest for Jenny?) and the most important: Ichabod and Abbie and their bond are again the wheels that keep this machine running. Even after what (for them) was a year of separation, once they see each other again things get going immediately. Abbie has her own story, trying to make a name for herself in the FBI, with her new boss (and ex-squeeze) coming into town and Ichabod is trying to deal with his place in this modern world and where he fits into Abbie’s life, which has clearly taken off since their separation.

What shows are you watching this fall season? Are your favorite shows doing well enough? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Three Weeks In: How Are Our Favorite Shows Doing?

  1. Loved your review of SH I feel the same way I am very pleased with what they’ve delivered amount far but maybe it’s because my expectations were so low. None the less I getting that team witness feels back and this makes me glad. Can’t comment on the others as I don’t watch them….. also I miss your flash reviews but I get it.

    1. I’ll see what I can do about Flash! For now I really do not feel like getting back into it, but maybe in a few weeks? I’ll try, I promise.

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