My dearest chum, Miranda

Sometimes our favorite shows are not necessarily the best, but we love them anyway.

I am not going to tell you ‘Miranda’ is a comedic masterpiece, or that it should join the ranks of best TV shows of all time. The jokes can be repetitive, it breaks the fourth wall entirely, the storylines and scripts are a little wonky, but it has never tried to be that show. It has always wanted to be nothing but a show that makes the audience laugh and it has excelled on that front. On top of that, it has one of the most realistic female characters on TV, maybe cause it’s based on the life of the real woman who created it and stars in it, Miranda Hart:

Miranda isn’t your typical leading lady. She is not model-like, she is in her mid-30s when we first see her, and she is by no means perfect. She makes bad jokes and trips and falls and farts quite often, really. She cannot stop herself from singing when she or other people accidentally talk in song lyrics. She doesn’t run, she gallops. She mouths words she finds uncomfortable to say and she finds other words very funny and/or lovely (among those are “cusp”, “plump”, “browse”, “plinth”, “plunge”, “moist”, “thrust”, “husks”, “clutch” and “qualms”). She plays a hide-and-seek/”Where’s Wally?” mashup game with her friend Stevie called “Where’s Miranda?” She eats all the food, except her vegetable fruit friends.

She is your typical socially awkward woman. The enthusiastic about everything woman. The woman with the overbearing mother. The woman in love with her best friend from university. The woman who doesn’t believe people can love her because she has trouble loving herself. She is me, she is you. She is someone you know or you will meet. She’s very real, and that is why you love her.

Miranda is also surrounded by wonderful friends. From her best friend Stevie (Sarah Hadland) to the love of her life Gary (the always gorgeous and talented Tom Ellis), all of them feel as real as her. Stevie is loyal, kind, slightly type-A and has big dreams, but thinks small. In fact, she thinks Heather Small (WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TODAY TO MAKE YOU FEEL PROUD?). Penny (Patricia Hodge) is the overbearing. over-meddling mother that is every daughter’s nightmare (SUCH FUN!), but she loves her and would do anything for her. And sure, not everyone has a posh friend who speaks gibberish like Tilly (Sally Phillips), but we all know a spoiled brat with a good heart.

And then we have Gary. Lovely, gorgeous Gary. He looks like your dream man, but he’s a commitment-phobe. He is sometimes a bit of a jerk, and you wonder if you even want to root for them to get together sometimes. But then you realize he loves Miranda as much as she loves him. You never question once why he does. They’re a pair of ridiculous dorks who truly are not as different as you would imagine they’d be, and you know it couldn’t be any other way: they’re each other’s “the one” and it feels wrong if they are not together.

The show leaves us, after three seasons, a few specials and 5 years. It feels slightly rushed, but it ends on a very happy note, like you expect it to. It’s emotional and as you see the actors fight tears in their goodbyes, you fight them too.


But before if fades to black, Miranda addresses her audience, like she always does at the beginning of every episode and speaks to us like friends, which is why there is only one way to end this post:

My dearest chum Miranda,

Thank you for the years of laughs and the unexpected tears. I have loved seeing you grow, but I hope you never change. I will remember you every time I cannot stop myself from singing. Every time something is “SUCH FUN!”. Every time I think a word is lovely and every time I listen to a Billie Joel song. I will be overjoyed when I book an hotel room that has a teapot and little sachets and I will always, always, keep my inner child on the surface, so I can enjoy galloping, fruit friends, bouncy castles and people with funny names.

I am very happy you are happy. But I’m sad not to talk to you anymore. Make sure to catch up with me in the future. At least once. I want to know how you’re doing. And I will be very disappointed if you don’t call your children with Gary Orlando and Bloom.

Thank you to you thank you very much please and thank you.

Love oo too,

Taylah Talks TV.

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