The Katrina Problem

Sleepy Hollow hasn't been at the top of its season 1 game for a while, and that has been pretty obvious for many fans of the show, who have either stopped watching-- as shown by the huge drop in ratings compared to last season and the fact that it hasn't been renewed as opposed to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Review (Midweek Review II)

Welcome to our second instance of Midweekend Review, or, shall we say, Weekly Review? Quite honestly, dear readers, maybe this hasn't been the best idea. As I was reviewing my TV show schedule, apparently 90% of the shows I watch air from Sunday to Wednesday, as made clear by the fact that there was not a "Weekend... Continue Reading →

5 British Sitcoms Everyone Should Watch

Fawlty Towers! Extras! The Office! Ab Fab! Father Ted! Inbetweeners! Peep Show! Monty Python! Mighty Boosh! Gavin & Stacey! Sound familiar? Most likely. These are the British comedies everyone who loves a little bit of British comedy has watched and wants you to watch. But there are some unknown (or really not that unknown, but... Continue Reading →

Midweek Review

When you watch as many TV shows as I currently do, reviewing each and one of them is hard. Having said this, I wouldn't be me without having a lot of opinions. That is the reason why I've created TWO new sections for the blog: Midweek Review, posted on Thursday for shows airing Sunday to... Continue Reading →

My dearest chum, Miranda

Sometimes our favorite shows are not necessarily the best, but we love them anyway. I am not going to tell you 'Miranda' is a comedic masterpiece, or that it should join the ranks of best TV shows of all time. The jokes can be repetitive, it breaks the fourth wall entirely, the storylines and scripts are a... Continue Reading →

My New Year’s TV Resolutions

2015 is here, and everyone is making impossible resolutions: to exercise more, eat less crap, stop drinking, stop spending money on useless things... I like to keep it simple. My resolutions are achievable goals, like changing out of my pajamas on days where I'm not planning on leaving the house, just in case someone decides to come... Continue Reading →

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