5 Reasons To #SaveSelfie

Back when the Pilot for ‘Selfie’ aired I didn’t think I’d find myself campaigning for it to be saved. Not because I didn’t think it would need saving– people have been predicting its demise way before it started– but because I watched it and didn’t think it would be a show I would watch weekly, but would most likely binge-watch when it was cancelled.

It’s a harsh but true reality: the first three episodes of ‘Selfie’ were rather rough, and even though Karen Gillan and John Cho are incredibly charming leads, the show was struggling to find its tone.

But around episode four, the show started being sweeter and more heartwarming, and the things that made other Emily Kapnek shows so special, like the feel-good elements, started taking over and ‘Selfie’ became a show that today, regardless of its cancellation by ABC and consequent move to Hulu, I REALLY want to see succeed.

So why should Hulu give ‘Selfie’ a season two? I’ll give you five reasons:

1. Eliza Dooley is the hottest dork

Eliza is selfish, she is shallow (on the surface) and shameless, but she is also in many ways, extremely oblivious to her still underlying dorkiness. Karen Gillan is incredibly gorgeous, yes, but she is also a tall and lanky woman and her physical comedy is on point. Here is an example:

Is this hot? Is it embarrassing? It’s both. That’s the magic of Eliza.

2. Henry Higgs is not your typical ‘straight man’

While yes, Henry Higgs could easily be your comedic ‘straight man’, he isn’t quite the guy that just stares at Eliza while she behaves like a madwoman. He doesn’t respond with deadpan delivery to things and he doesn’t simply stare at the madness happening around him while considering himself the sanest person in the room. Henry is as socially inept as Eliza, to the point that sometimes she has to teach him how to interact with people in casual environments and he has come to recognize his need to loosen up, which leads me to my next point:

3. The show is as much about Henry teaching Eliza as it is about Eliza teaching Henry

Let’s be honest, in 2014  a show with the premise of ‘a man teaches a woman how to behave’ (even if it’s based on My Fair Lady) can throw you off. It threw me off. And in fact, during the first three episodes of the show (up until magical episode 4), I wasn’t entirely convinced I was on board with Henry policing Eliza and judging her every movement, including her romantic life. That been said, as soon as the show started embracing that these two characters can learn from each other, it became much more interesting. Henry teaches Eliza to function away from her phone, Eliza teaches Henry how to function outside of work.

4. The romantic chemistry between the two leads is insane

Eliza and Henry
Image Credit: Warner Bros TV

Look, you might not be into shipping, but if you watch this show and don’t desperately need Eliza and Henry to kiss, I have no idea if you have any kind of heart or EYES. Karen Gillan and John Cho managed to make the not-so-good episodes of the show more bearable by simply interacting with each other. Their chemistry is off the charts and it feels very natural, which makes it very easy to believe that they would like each other. At first I was a bit worried about Henry looking at Eliza as a romantic prospect so soon— I would have placed the “redheaded Korean babies” thing a little later into the show than when it actually happened– but their interactions are so adorable now it is easy to forget the show is only in episode 9 and you want them to get together immediately.  Episode 9 took a giant leap when it comes to Eliza’s feelings for Henry as well, and to say I am thrilled for what is coming up would be an understatement.

5. There is still room for improvement

‘Selfie’ has found its footing, especially when it comes to Henry and Eliza’s dynamic. However, it could benefit from giving the supporting characters a little more to do. Episode 4 was a wonderful episode for Charmonique (magical episode 4, once again) and Mr. Saperstein and his family are hilarious, but they still don’t feel like fully-fledged characters. The characters at the office are good “satellite” characters and so are Eliza’s book club acquaintances– as Henry would call them– but we need to see them interact with each other a little more.  The last two episodes have been a step in the right direction when it comes to this, so I think a second season could definitely establish some great dynamics.

Image Credit: Warner Bross TV
Image Credit: Warner Bross TV

Look, if you haven’t caught up on this show, do it. Go to Hulu.com or to ABC.com (actually, just go to Hulu.com, because they’re the most likely to renew it) and watch all the episodes and fall in love with it. It’s funny, it’s sweet and it will leave you feeling happy afterwards. That’s the kind of comedy you want to watch, the one that leaves you with a smile on your face. With the cancellation of ‘Trophy Wife’, ‘Happy Endings’, ‘Suburgatory’ and ‘Cougar Town’s’ upcoming ending, the lack of feel-good comedies on TV at the moment is alarming. So give ‘Selfie’ a chance, and when you have finished catching up, head over to Hulu and write them an e-mail to let them know you that you want more, and don’t forget to sign the petition! This blog really loves linking to petitions.

These are only five reasons to #SaveSelfie, and yes I used the hashtag in the title because I’m feeling meta today, but there are so many more, and the show deserves a second chance. Help it get it.

One thought on “5 Reasons To #SaveSelfie

  1. OMGosh, this post is so on-point! Specially that part about my Heliza ship, LOL. I was looking at them looking at each other and drove me crazy when they were about to kiss but then Henry pulled away pretending to meet Julia downstairs… Wait, what episode was that? Anyway, John Cho was mesmerizing as a male romantic lead. If I were in Eliza’s shoes, I would fall for Henry too fast and too hard as well and not regret anything.

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